#134 - The End of an Era: A Fond Farewell to JH

#134 - The End of an Era: A Fond Farewell to JH

134 episodes. 

That’s how long Awkward Silences has been going with Erin and JH as hosts.

But now it’s time for something new.

JH says goodbye to Awkward Silences as he kicks off a new chapter in his career. Today, he and Erin reflect on the years. They share a bit of the original background to the podcast, their favorite memories, and even some behind-the-scenes aspects and outtakes that may surprise you. 

Tune into this episode to learn all about Awkward Silences and bid a fond farewell to JH 👇

[00:02:01] Why did Erin pick JH as co-host?
[00:05:03] JH’s favorite part of the podcast
[00:06:52] A look back to when the podcast first felt “real”
[00:10:07] Favorite episodes, memories, and guests
[00:13:26] Secrets of the intro
[00:14:50] JH’s podcast future
[00:17:01] Where is JH heading?
[00:20:25] Funny outtakes and memories

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Creators and Guests

Erin May
Erin May
Senior VP of Marketing & Growth at User Interviews
John-Henry Forster
John-Henry Forster
Former SVP of Product at User Interviews and long-time co-host (now at Skedda)