#147 - UX Research in Healthcare with Nadyne Richmond

#147 - UX Research in Healthcare with Nadyne Richmond

Erin and Carol explore the complexities of healthcare research with Nadyne Richmond, a healthcare design advisor with a background in big tech who pivoted to healthcare research a decade ago to tackle the pressing issues she saw in the system.

Nadyne underscores the nuances of conducting user experience (UX) research within healthcare settings, unpacking the intersections of patients' lives, their health, financial well-being, and spiritual factors that can come with many diagnoses. She emphasizes the importance of being well-prepared to manage deep conversations, maintain objectivity while being viewed as human, and handle the delicacy of information with privacy and sensitivity.

Nadyne shares practical advice on approaching sensitive research topics, providing control to participants, giving space for the research team, and even using diary studies for a more comprehensive understanding of patient experiences. Additionally, she talks about the intricacies involved when working with healthcare players, from insurance providers to medical staff, and how their differing incentives shape patient care.

Episode Highlights
  • 03:56 - Transitioning from tech to healthcare research
  • 13:56 - Challenges when researching with medical professionals
  • 21:32 - Navigating Sensitive Topics when recruiting patients
  • 28:45 - Planning for legal requirements in user testing
  • 35:24 - Data protection in healthcare research
  • 41:11 - The unique rewards of healthcare research
About Our Guest
Nadyne Richmond is a user researcher and experience design leader with a track record spanning two decades. She has worked and led teams at places like IBM, Microsoft, Included Health, and Babylon. She started her career as an engineer, giving her a unique window in the challenges of creating products and services that are excel technically and meet the demands of customers and the business alike.

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