#151 - Improving Your UX Research Efficiency with Auzita Irani of AirBnB

#151 - Improving Your UX Research Efficiency with Auzita Irani of AirBnB

Erin is joined by Auzita Irani, a research manager at AirBnB to discuss being a more efficient user experience researcher. In today's work world, resources—time, budget, headcount—always seem to be in limited supply. How can we balance these things along with other important elements of our research practices? Auzita has been thinking about "doing more with less" for a long time and shares practical strategies.

After discussing the challenges facing today's UX researcher, the conversation shifts to what Auzita has seen work for researchers, both those working in large and small companies. Erin and Auzita touch on tools (like AI), tactics (like prioritization frameworks), and collaboration approaches to work more productively with stakeholders and teammates. They also discuss burnout's effects and the ways of combatting it.

Finally, Erin and Auzita make some predictions on where UX is headed in the months and year ahead, and what these trends might mean for our work.

Episode Highlights
  • 03:53: Challenges and strategies of "doing more with less"
  • 11:23: Addressing time and deadline constraints
  • 21:38: Failure modes and avoiding burnout
  • 32:05: Balancing tactical and strategic work
  • 38:21: Emphasizing your research's impact
  • 44:57: Adapting to blurred work boundaries
About Our Guest
Auzita has a background in computer engineering and Human Computer Interaction. She currently leads teams dedicated to optimizing customer support experiences and developing cutting edge AI tooling solutions at Airbnb. Prior to this she led the research and annotation teams at Sprig working on streamlining the process of obtaining real-time insights for product teams.

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Creators and Guests

Erin May
Erin May
Senior VP of Marketing & Growth at User Interviews
Auzita Irani
Auzita Irani
Research Manager at AirBnB